You Don’t Own Me (An Under Suspicion Novel) by Mary Higgins Clark

Reviewed by Allen Hott

You Don't Own MeThis is one in the series, Under Suspicion, written by Mary Higgins Clark and is a pretty good read overall. This is also my first read of any of Clark’s books.

Caroline Radcliffe is working as a nanny for Doctor Martin Bell and his wife, Kendra when she hears what she thinks to be fireworks being shot off outside as she watches over the two young Bell children. However as she goes out to check she finds the doctor shot to death in the driveway in his automobile.

Caroline runs into the house and tries to tell Kendra but Kendra is in one of her stupors or at least appears to be. Kendra has been suffering from some sort of postpartum depression for quite a while and she doesn’t always respond very quickly. The police are called and investigations are done but no one can be found to be responsible.

Five years later Kendra is doing much better and is taking care of the children with the help of Caroline. However the parents of Doctor Bell have never accepted the fact that (a) no one was found to be guilty and (b) they suspect Kendra of being involved plus they do not like having her take care of their grandchildren.

The Bell parents decide to contact Laurie Moran of a widely known television program called Under Suspicion. This program with Laurie and her staff do more in depth searching and investigating on cases that though worked on by law enforcement agencies they have never been solved. Laurie had looked into Martin Bell’s murder several years ago but really did not spend a lot of time with it nor did she find out anything of significant value. However now with the pressure of the Bells she agrees to take another in depth look at the situation.

What Laurie and her staff come up with is what makes this a very readable book. It appears that there are many sidelights to the basic picture. And as some of these items begin to show up such as

the possible involvement of a recently elected senator and his wife from the area and some other individuals who either hadn’t been questioned or had managed to come through the police investigation fairly clean. And that is only one thing uncovered by Laurie.

However this entire situation becomes so involved that it strikes some serious happenings even in Laurie’s personal life. And her personal life is quite busy at the moment as she is very involved with an upcoming marriage to a recently appointed judge.

Clark has put together a very intriguing story that keeps the reader’s attention all the way through. I feel certain that I will be reading more of her books especially in her Under Suspicion series!

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