Yesterday’s Echo by Matt Coyle

Yesterday's Echo by Matt CoyleReviewed by Julie Moderson

Holy Cow! Matt Coyle sucks you in and spins you around and when you finally finish, you say, WOW! You will keep thinking about this
story for quite a while.

Rick Cahill has had a target on his back for years, and almost everyone believes he is guilty of killing his wife, the love of his life. Guilt, from a secret kept him from proving his innocence so he let everyone suspect that he was guilty. He had very few friends, Turk being the best one. Turk gave him a job at Muldoon’s, a popular supper club and bar and offered him part ownership. When Turk comes back from a trip and tells Matt he is selling Muldoon’s and all the money that Matt put into the business is gone, they fight and Turk fires him. Matt and Turk have been friends forever so Matt just keeps on working because he knows that something is wrong and he wants too help his friend.

This is a non-stop action, suspense book it is a must read. I won’t spoil the rest of the book but trust me you will love it. The ending disappointed me but that is just I but it is still a great story.

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