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Without Mercy: A Body Farm Novel by Jefferson Bass

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

Without MercyDr. Brockton is called to a murder scene that shocks him like no other one ever has: a body found in a rural Tennessee county, chained to a tree and badly mutilated. There are clues that would lead one to believe this murder to be a hate crime but the anthropological evidence says otherwise. As Brockton works with the local and state authorities to try and solve the case, he receives some unsettling news: Nick Satterfield, a savage serial killer with a grudge against Brockton, has escaped from federal prison and appears to be on a quest for revenge against him. As the investigation progresses, Brockton begins to wonder if the murder case he’s working on is the work of Satterfield and realizes he must find a way to both solve the case and protect his family.

Without Mercy by Jefferson Bass is perhaps the best entry in the series yet. The writing pair which uses the pseudonym “Jefferson Bass” is perhaps one of the best in the crime genre. Their books contain a sense of realism that few writers can match. This is by far one of my favorite forensic-themed series and I learn something new with every entry I read. If you are a fan of crime novels, I highly recommend this series and this novel with a 4/5 stars.

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