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Win (Windsor Horne Lockwood III Book 1) by Harlan Coben

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Quite a different one by Coben in that he has used one of his secondary characters as the main character in this story. Pretty much the same style of story line in that Windsor Horne Lockwood III is now running the show as the chief investigator. It pretty much came about because Myron Bolitar who is normally Win’s boss is out of the picture for reasons only Coben knows.

Win even though he doesn’t necessarily look the part is quite an investigator. The only thing is he was born rich and as his name states he is of several generations of money. While this story does go on and into some detail about Win’s fortune and how he uses it, the story also shows his ability to be an investigator who can do that job very well.

After a ball game and slight battle with one of his previously designed enemies Win is picked up by the police. He believes they are looking to do something to him about assault but in fact they want him to help them on an investigation of a man who has been murdered. They take him into the room where the dead man is lying and immediately Win notices two things.

First is a very expensive painting hanging on the wall. Win knows it is expensive because he owns it and it has recently been stolen! Right next to the painting is a suitcase which has his initials on it because he also owns the suitcase!

From there the story gets very deep and all parts of it involve not only Win but parts of his family, parts of his history, and domestic terrorism which didn’t involve Win. The terrorism isn’t a big part of the story but does involve Win and his family in an offhand manner.

Win begins working as an investigator especially because he has a cousin who was kidnapped and it turns out that she and her father (Win’s uncle) have been involved in some strange episodes. These involve not only the theft of paintings but some other thefts that are covered up fairly well until Win becomes involved.

Overall a very well done story about Win and how he is not only able to get things done because of his extreme wealth but also because of his natural ability and talent as an investigator. I am not sure how this whole new concept is going to affect Myron Bolitar and Win but it is another way I am sure for Coben to put out even more good reading for all of us!

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