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Watching the Dark: An Inspector Banks Novel by Peter Robinson (Review #2)

Reviewed by Mark Moderson

Watching the DarkI was excited to find a new mystery writer to read, and based on some reviews was excited to read this book. Unfortunately this book was not what I expected. It was an extremely slow and hard read that could not hold my interest. I have read thousands of books and this was the longest it ever took to complete the book.

The novel starts out intriguing with a police officer being murdered. Unfortunately the author then spends more time focusing on describing small, inconsequential details of each scene then he does working on the main mystery of the novel. The novel itself is also convoluted because there are multiple different characters following multiple different story lines.

The main story line could have been very interesting but the author tried, in my opinion to put too much of a back story into the main plot. Inspector Banks is the main character but despite all of the mind numbing details in certain scenes he gets very little detail so you really don’t get to know the character.

Overall I would pass on this, the novel does have some mystery and intrigue but doesn’t provide a lot of action to get the reader hooked. There are plenty of other mystery novels out there that provide a better story and more enjoyable read.

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