Vicious Circle by Wilbur Smith

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Vicious CircleA somewhat different book that holds your interest if parts of it don’t drive you away! Hector Cross lived a life of high risks and actual warfare and then he met and married Hazel Bannock. Hazel was the daughter of the founder of Bannock Oil which was one of the largest refinery type businesses in the English Empire. Hazel had previously lost a daughter from a previous marriage but was now pregnant with a daughter to be by Henry. All seemed to be going well until she was brutally murdered while out driving her Ferrari as Hector followed in his Land Rover.

He was able to get two of the criminals who were involved in Hazel’s shooting but one of them got away. This thus became his passion to find not only that one but the entire group that was behind this killing.

Hector has some very good friends who are as capable as he is at the whole business of warfare, civilian style. They begin their business of tracking down the killer or killers as it turns outs.

But as this is occurring the author brings into the middle of the story another tale that in fact is about Hazel’s parents and other relatives. These folks over several years lost several of their close family members and now it appears that at least one of them has also gotten very involved in criminal activities not only in England but also across several oceans into the continent of Africa.

And a very unwholesome duo has evolved, one of which is that distant relative and the other is a former Marine. This former Marine is not only a descendant of a leader of an African nation but he is also in prison awaiting a death sentence.

While in prison Carl, Hazel’s relative and Johnny, the former Marine get hooked up. And I mean hooked up as they begin a homosexual partnership and later a business partnership as Carl figures out how to get into the Bannock family’s fortunes.

Intertwined in all of this is a very well written story that has the good guys going after the bad in a way that only the extremely rich could do. With the use of huge, high powered aircraft carrying many, many soldiers who are bought and paid for by the Bannock fortunes in one way of the other.

Overall it is a very good book with a lot of twists and turns and ends on a note that no reader iwill ever foresee. The only problem that I have with Vicious Circle is the overabundance of sex both natural and homosexual. But most readers can do as I did and skip through that easily enough (unless they like it) and get to the good parts of the story.

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