Unseen by Karin Slaughter

UnseenReviewed by Allen Hott

Another of her Georgia cop stories and this one is moved out a bit from Atlanta as the storyline carries most of the action into the Macon area. That allows Will Trent, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, to get deeply involved in the happenings. Will Trent also gets involved into other happenings as he becomes more deeply into the relationship with Sara Linton, the lady doctor at Grady Hospital that he recently became acquainted with.

But Will has also just been drawn into a case where one of his former partners and her husband were targeted for assassination by an unknown someone. Will was on the scene just minutes after the attack occurred as he was working undercover and had been hired as a lookout unbeknownst to him for the assassins.

Luckily Lena, his former partner, and her husband survived but the attack drew Lena and Will back closer together as a team again. This time they are trying to find Big Whitey who appears to be the major crime boss in central Georgia.

However as they work to find out about Big Whitey and the assassins they also realize that somewhere in the Macon police force there is an informer who is walking both sides of the street. Somehow everything that goes on or is set up to go seems to be known on the street even before all of the police involved know about it and can make it happen.

Will Trent appears to spend most of his time either being chased down by the bad guys or he is getting beaten up by the bad guys. He is attacked by the cops for being a bad guy when they are not aware of his undercover roleand by some of the bad guys when they find out that he is not truly one of them.

Slaughter writes a great book with many twists and turns that keep the reader working hard to stay with the events. She also writes with a lot of abandon as far as sex, profanity, and even thoughts of sex are concerned. Some of the associated activities are justified and warranted but occasionally they seem to be going a bit overboard.

The story line and her way of constantly drawing the reader’s attention into the unraveling of the story line make the reading enjoyable and keeps that attention once she has drawn it in.

Just one in a series of books that Slaughter, an Atlanta native, has written about police work in the state of Georgia. And hopefully more will continue to come.

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