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Unfaithful by Natalie Barelli

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

Anna is very happy with her world. She is married to Luis and they have two children. Anna is an associate math professor and Luis is an artist.

Anna has been working with Alex, one of her students, on solving a math problem. They are both convinced that this is going to change their lives. Something went terribly wrong when Alex is found dead. Was it suicide? Was it murder?

When Anna heard about Alex’s death, she desperately wanted to talk to Luis. She called him several times but got no answer. She went to his studio and he was not there. However, she did see two wine glasses. Was Luis having an affair? When he returned home and she asked him where he was all evening, he told her he was at the studio. She knew he was lying.

Anna accompanies Luis to one of his art exhibitions. It is here that she realized what was going on. She could see how taken Luis seemed to be when he looked at Isabelle. She now knows that her fears about an affair are true. Anna decides to confront Isabelle. What happens is shocking!

There are so many things that continue to happen; I will not say anything more about the plot because I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

I loved this book. It kept me on the edge of my seat page after page. I read other reviews and some people said they were bored. I can’t understand that! I have to say I did not care for the ending. Yes, it was exciting. Many surprising things kept happening – twist after twist – secret after secret. However, I felt it was a bit too much and at times I needed to go back and re-read a page because events were getting confusing. All of this made the ending unrealistic. On the other hand, some people have stated in reviews that they couldn’t get into this book until they got close to the end and really liked it. Depends on the person I guess. Do I still recommend this book? Yes I do. If you like psychological thrillers, you will enjoy Unfaithful. You can write down your theories as you go along but you will be surprised because you will probably not figure out the real ending!

Unfaithful is the first book I have read by Natalie Barelli. I intend to read more of her books.

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