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Tripwire (Jack Reacher, Book 3) by Lee Child

Reviewed by Allen Hott

A very typical Jack Reacher story by Lee Child and another good one at that! Reacher is the former military man who retired and has spent his life traveling the United States with no money in his pocket. He has a retirement account in the bank and draws out some cash as he needs it. But most of the time he works at odd jobs, picking up enough cash to pay for his room and something to eat as he travels.

He hitchhikes most of the time or sometimes rides a bus or even a train on extreme occasions. His claim to fame is that no matter where he goes he runs into some sort of crime and he usually solves it by himself. He is meaner than a one-eyed mountain lion and can pretty much whip any individual who thinks otherwise.

In Tripwire he though working in south Florida ends up again traveling pretty much all over the country. And he does it this time with a young lady named Jodie Garber. Jodie is the daughter of General Leon Garber who not only was Reacher’s commanding officer at one time but also his best friend and best life trainer that anyone could have. It turns out that Jodie who had an insatiable crush on Reacher years ago is looking for him to help her with a problem. Reacher was also somewhat infatuated with Jodie years ago but being she was the general’s daughter and fifteen years younger than Reacher he did not explore it.

Now though she through many different contacts Reacher and gets him to help her after he finally tracks her down at her father’s funeral. She had hired a man to find Reacher but the man was not only killed but his hand mutilated and fingers chopped off.

Jodie doesn’t know why her dad wanted her to find Reacher but that had been one of his last wishes. And now after the two of them think about not only the strangeness of his last wish but also the fact that the man Jodie hired to find Reacher was brutally murdered. They feel certain that there is something bad going on.

And they pretty well know that it all had something to do with members of the military who were friends or at least known to both Garber and Reacher.

How Lee Child puts all of this together and chases both Reacher and Jodie on a tremendous trip is really quite a story. There are many side angles and of course there is a bit of romance involved as there always is in most stories. But it is truly a great Jack Reacher story written by the one and only Lee Child. Give it a shot and you will be very pleased with your choice.

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