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Tick Tock by James Patterson (Review #2)

Tick TockReviewed by Patricia Reid

Mike Bennett, his ten children, his grandfather Seamus along with Mary Catherine the children’s Irish nanny head for Breezy Point in Queens to enjoy a two-week vacation. Mike’s wife is deceased and Seamus, who is a priest, and Mary Catherine do a wonderful job helping Mike hold the family together.

Meanwhile back in New York City a mad bomber has left a bomb at the main branch of the New York City Public library. Mike’s boss Inspector Miriam Schwartz calls Mike back to duty. Father Seamus and Mary Catherine remain at Breezy Point to continue the long planned vacation and Mike heads back to the city hoping to solve the crime immediately and return to his vacation.

However, the mastermind behind the bombing has much more devastation in mind. He seems to be copying killers from the past such as George Metesky, the Mad Bomber, Son of Sam and even the Brooklyn Vampire Albert Fish. FBI Agent Emily Parker comes to New York to help track down the person or persons behind the horrible crimes.

Mike tries to commute back and forth between the city and his vacationing family but finds that all is not well on the vacation front either. The Flaherty’s, a family with an Irish mafia background, are bullying Mike’s children. Mike and Father Seamus find it necessary to step in and settle the matter.

Finally Mike gets a real clue as to the identity of the person committing the crimes. It seems that the crimes were not random acts but well thought out revenge. The identity of the criminal turned out to be a real surprise, at least to this reader.

This is the fourth novel in the Mike Bennett series. It is amazing to read about a hard-working detective that can still manage a family of ten children and a few difficulties in his love life.

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