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Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

Tick Tock by James PattersonReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Detective Michael Bennett, his ten adopted children, his grandfather and nanny Mary Catherine are on vacation at a seaside resort. He had high hopes of being able to have a good time. That did not last long. Michael’s cell phone rang. He was called in to help investigate the case of an unexploded bomb at a library. The bomb turned out to be a “teaser” for what was about to happen.

A series of crimes start to occur. The city is now terrorized with everything that is going on. It soon becomes clear that all of these incidences could not be the work of an amateur. There is a serial killer in the town and this person is recreating serial killers from New York’s past.

Michael Bennett asks FBI agent, Emily Parker, for assistance.

Are Michael and Emily able to solve this case before things become too dangerous for them and Michael’s entire family?

I never read a James Patterson book I did not like. Tick Tock is another thriller by this author. There is plenty of action taking place throughout the book that will keep you turning the pages. Michael Bennett is a cool character who is family oriented and one that I look forward to reading about in future books. The reader will like him immediately. It should also be interesting to see if he ends up in a serious relationship with either Mary Catherine or Emily Parker. I always love the short chapters in the Patterson books. It is difficult to stop reading the book at times and it gives you the opportunity to go on and read one or two more chapters because they do not take long.

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