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Three Second by Roslund & Hellstrom (Review #2)

Reviewed by Mary Evans

Three Seconds by Roslund & HellstromReviewed by Mary Evans

What can you do in 3 seconds and why is it that important? The answer to that question and more had me at the start, when I first laid eyes on the title of this crime novel. I remember I started running down a mental list of things that could happen in 3 seconds… I didn’t even get close to the answer this novel reveals.

Three Seconds by Roslund & Hellstrom is a ride into the Swedish underground crime scene to learn about the corruption, code of conduct and people who live there. Just ask yourself one question, am I talking about the criminals or the police? That’s a question I asked myself several times while reading this riveting crime drama.

Piet Hoffman is one of the Swedish police’s most trusted informants. He is sent undercover to help investigate the Polish Mafia and illegal drug distribution. There is a meeting with the Polish and their ‘mules’ to arrest them in a drug deal. The meeting quickly turns into a murder of one of the players. The homicide division is dispatched to investigate but does not know about the drug informants involved in the case. Who was there and why were they murdered?

The police ask Piet Hoffman to go undercover in one of Sweden’s worst prisons to catch one of the toughest Polish dealers. To do this, the police department has to work in the utmost secrecy to secure Piet’s identity and to get him out again.

The plot sounds simple enough, however along the way, the authors have used plot twists and turns. Just when you think you know who is who…maybe they’re not! The twists and turns you take leave you turning the pages until dawn! I simply could not put this book down.

I have to admit, I am an avid reader of fiction and enjoy suspense, thrillers and horror novels. I really haven’t read as many crime novels. ‘Three Seconds’ has me hooked. I am on to other novels by these authors and suggest them to other fiction readers!

I can tell by reading their novel, that Roslund & Hellstom, have unlimited knowledge of their genre. I found the information presented on drugs, preparing drugs for shipment, and the criminal background is true to life and their homework complete. This is what makes their novel so real and believable.

One thing I would suggest, I know they are Swedish writers but their references to Swedish places, remarks, phrases…where there is no English translation, does make it harder to read for English readers. Now that their books are International Best Sellers, try to use more International references in the books.

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