The Wrong Side of Goodbye (A Harry Bosch Novel) by Michael Connelly

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Wrong Side of GoodbyeHarry Bosch, one of Connelly’s (and my) favorites is back. The retired police detective cannot stay out of the mix when it comes to hunting for bad guys or as in this story just plain hunting.

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Harry is working as an extra for the San Fernando Police Department. It isn’t full time and he doesn’t really get paid much but it keeps him busy and happy. He still pursues other cases as a private investigator.

And in that position this time he really gets a boomer! A very, very rich old gentleman, Whitney Vance, contacts Harry and pays him ten thousand dollars to find a possible missing heir. Vance owns/runs one of the largest businesses in California and supposedly has no potential heirs that are related to him. But he believes that he might and he wants to find out. He impregnated a Mexican girl when he was young and his parents would not allow him to have anything to do with her. Vance was forced to move away and go to a different school and as far as he knew his father somehow managed to send her away perhaps to Mexico.

Vance knows the girl’s name and the time and place that all of this went down. He doesn’t want anyone to know he is searching because there are people in his company who do not want their positions in any way “messed up” by a long lost Vance heir. He tells Harry that he is to only talk to or have any dealings with Vance on a very private phone line.

The entire story sounds plausible to Harry and with that amount of money to use he begins his search and it rides along with his work at the SFPD.

That work also builds up a great story line by Connelly as the area is very concerned over a serial rapist with a police/news media given name of the Screen Cutter. This person has been working the area for some time and always manages to find lone women in houses where they spend almost all of their time by themselves. He seemingly stalks them and then enters through a window where he has cut a large enough hole in the screen to permit opening the window.

There is turmoil within the police department also as at least one of the high ranking officers does not and has not liked the idea of Harry having joined them. He believes that Harry has always worked cases in the past in Los Angeles in ways that were not all according to the book. And also he gained a lot of press notoriety for solving some pretty large cases. This SFPD officer feels the Chief is giving Harry too much credit and again building his presence up and above the others.

Of all of Connelly’s books I honestly believe this is one of or perhaps the best yet. Just the way he builds both of the situations and shows Harry Bosch in various positions and even brings in Mickey Haller, the lawyer stepbrother of Harry who is a big time LA/Hollywood name.

All in all this is truly a great read that will keep the reader riveted to The Wrong Side of Goodbye right up to the final page!! One more quick note………Harry will definitely be back now in SFPD!

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