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The Tilting House by Tom Llewellyn

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

The Tilting House by Tom LlewellynWhen I was a young child, I loved to read mystery books like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Well, The Tilting House would have fit right in with these great books.

The real estate agent showed the Peshik Family a house on 1418 North Holly Street. The house was the cheapest in the neighborhood and also the largest. Why was it so cheap?

Once inside the house, the family was in for many surprises. Brothers Josh and Aaron could not believe their eyes when they saw certain things about the house. Their father was very taken with the house. He was really intrigued with what he saw on the walls. Words, numbers, diagrams and drawings were scribbled in pen and pencil all over the walls, railings and most of the floor. What did all of these symbols mean? Well, the father would not think of painting over all of this. He considered it to be a work of art.

A very strange thing about this house is that it had tilting floors. The floors tilted three degrees and this was not due to any settling of the house. In fact, the original blueprints show that the house was built this way. Why?

Josh and Aaron, along with the help of their neighbor, Lola, discover the hidden diary of the original owner, F.T. Tilton. Tilton was brilliant but deranged. What do Josh and Aaron discover about what might be in store for their family? Will they be able to solve all the riddles before it is too late?

As I started to read this book, I did not realize the fact that it was written for a young reader. I was so engrossed in the mystery of The Tilting House that it seemed like one of the regular mystery books sent to me for review. I love the book cover with two silhouettes in the window of a mysterious, spooky house. The cover alone is enough to make you want to read this book.

The Tilting House includes many elements that make this book an intriguing read. There are talking rats, growth potions and buried treasure. The Tilting House has adventures and mysteries that do not end and will keep a child reading right to the very end to see what happens. Children will definitely enjoy this book. As an adult, I enjoyed it tremendously!


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