The Target (Will Robie Series) by David Baldacci

The TargetReviewed by Allen Hott

The Target’s main characters have moved or grown into today’s world from the days of Mr. Baldacci’s Camel Club. He does specialize in the government’s happenings and especially those of the various defense segments of the Washington arena. In The Target he again uses his new favorite agents. Will Robie and Jessica Reel may be American citizens much like the older crew from the Camel Club but they are much more refined and definitely much more up to date with the latest technology and know-how than the previous characters.
These two spend most of their lives doing the most dangerous assignments that can be handed down by the CIA and sometimes even higher persons in the U.S. government. However on one of their last missions they had actually over fulfilled their goal. During the operation Reel had discovered that two of the top CIA agents actually were turncoats and were going to not only abort the mission but they planned to kill several high level government personnel. Reel with some help from a wounded Robie at the time finished their mission while also killing the two turncoats.

Although the truth came out some of the high level officials believed that Reel especially had overstepped her place and for that they were looking to punish her in some way. Because of the close ties Robie was also included in this punishment.

That punishment meant spending time in the Burner Box which is the final step that must be taken by all new agents. Since the time that Reel and Robie had taken it originally, the Burner Box had been upgraded to the point of being almost humanly impossible to complete. Among the new additions was a period of waterboarding severe enough to kill those of lesser strength and character. They both were able to get through their punishment and were then given the option of getting out of the service or going on a new assignment which was to be the toughest they had ever been assigned.

At this same time Baldacci brings in another character in a complete different subplot. Chung-Cha was a very similar type agent for the North Korean government who had also been brought up in a very tough environment. Her training was all in preparation for the type of spy work that was needed by not only the Koreans by all of the world governments today according to Baldacci.

The story is named The Target but honestly there is not one target. This is an action packed thriller of governments and how they act and react to each other in times of world crisis.

It is amazing exactly how much all governments today are involved not only in espionage but actually assassinations of top individuals. I assume Baldacci has some inside assistance in coming up with some of these stories. They are all very interesting and they do carry the reader all the way to the end quickly. If you enjoy stories of how governments work in these situations it would seem Baldacci is your kind of author!

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