The Subway by Dustin Stevens

Reviewed by Allen Hott

An interesting book although a bit long, especially in places, due to number of characters. Also lots of words lost in description as author builds places and things for happening. The story is totally believable especially in today’s world.

Tim Scarberry is in Government Witness Protection because he had given witness against a gangster, Eric Bannister, then during the trial and later his incarceration Bannister and his brother with two accomplices worked on a plan to get ahold of Scarberry for retaliation.

A female police officer, Talula Davis, found the body of Scarberry’s uncle where he had been brutally murdered by the Bannister group. She was fairly new on the job and was having a tough time with her supervisor who it appears did not want any women in his crew. Strangely enough at about the same time Scarberry was being checked on by his officer in charge of him, Deputy Marshal Abby Lipski. One major difference is that Scarberry and Lipski were in Washington where he had been sent to live in the Protection Program while his dad and Officer Davis were in Georgia.

A phone call that goes unanswered and the recorded message which is definitely not right is what sets Scarberry into action. He immediately begins making his way back to Georgia knowing that he is not supposed to do so and that Marshal Lipski will be after him immediately. He feels however that something is wrong and since his testimony was probably the cause of it he needs to go back and straighten it all out. One way or the other.

From there the book gets into some very good cops and bad guys story telling. In time Scarberry hooks up with Davis, who gets fired from her job but stays on the case to help Scarberry. Also in about the same time frame Marshal Lipski heads to Georgia to get back the Witness who has left the Protection Program without authority.

The bad guys put together their scheme as to how all this will end up with Scarberry and any of his partners dead so that Bannister Is satisfied. But little do they know or realize that Scarberry and Davis are hot on their heels and plan to bring them back into justice for murder.

The story ends up with one of the longest, bloodiest, and best described battles between the two sides. Chances are the reader is pretty sure how it will all end up but the way the confrontation is described is great. One of the best battles that I have ever read. The book itself may be about a grade C in my opinion but the final battle is definitely a AA! Well worth the reading time to get to the ending!

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