The Next President by Joseph Flynn

Reviewed by Allen Hott

This is the first of Mr. Flynn’s books that I have read and it is quite a story. In my eyes, although it is some ways hard to believe, I truly think that most all of the happenings could occur. The entire story is about a new presidential candidate who happens to be black and how there is an involved plot to have him assassinated. How those who are planning this endeavor ever decided the best person to do the job would be a sharpshooter who served in the army under one of the planners is somewhat a mystery. It appears that he might be the best qualified?

Senator Franklin Delano Rawley is the candidate and Jefferson Davis Cade is the original sniper that is set up for the attack. (You have to like the FDR and Jefferson Davis implications in the book if you think about politics while reading.) J. D. Cade has just recently killed a man in his hometown in a very strategic and fascinating way. His former commanding officer in the army knows of this secret and decides to use it to force J.D. to pull off the assassination under fear of being tried for the murder at home plus a threat to J D’s son is implied.

From there on it gets very complicated and intense. Some other former soldiers also known to J. D. get involved in one way or another. So there is quite a bit of friend/enemy type connections that occur. But what makes it even more of a great intense read is the fact that J.D.’s family and a rival family back home have been feuding for years. Even though J.D.’s son now tries to friend up with the opposing group even he gets wrapped up in the story.

And as can be expected in most books today there has to be a romantic portion to the story. This one comes about as J.D. becomes quite friendly with Rawley’s top associate. Yes, that is right. J.D. as the story moves along becomes quite friendly with Rawley and his associate.

But along the way many things happen all of which just go together to make the reader want to move on to the next page to see what is going to happen. The entire Washington scenario with political candidates and many, many CIA and secret service agents just enhance the story.

I for one will be reading more of Joseph Flynn’s work as this one was a really interesting read. If you are into twists, turns, and real political intrigue gives it a try, you will be impressed.

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