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The Last Agent (Charles Jenkins Book 2) by Robert Dugoni

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Robert Dugoni is a good author and in The Last Agent he has continued (I would not say completed) the ongoing story of Charles Jenkins, former CIA agent. Jenkins is the type of person who accomplishes much but he does always seem to rely on others to give him lots of help. This story pretty much shows how Jenkins though retired and now living at home with his family, cannot stop returning those previous favors. A current CIA supervisor shows up at Jenkins’ door and after several conversations about the CIA and Russia the agent drops a bomb! Literally not figuratively. He explains that a Russian woman who worked with seven other women for the United States as spies in Russia is still alive and imprisoned by the Russians.The name of the woman. Paulina Ponomayova immediately gets Jenkins’ attention. Paulina is the person who helped Jenkins escape from Russia years ago.

Jenkins thought so much of Paulina and her assistance that he named his daughter after her. The thought of her now being held in isolation in Russia very much disturbs him. With the consent of his wife and her prayers Jenkins with help from the CI A heads back into Russia to see how he can somehow get Paulina out of isolation and to the United States or the free world. To make this work Jenkins begins not only working with the CIA but also certain Russians that he had known and worked with while over there. One of them is Viktor Federov who at one time was Jenkins’ arch enemy.

Money today is the big drawing card for Federov as he feels that the Russian spy command definitely pushed him to the side for another leader. So Federov jumps in to give Jenkins a helping hand not only for today’s money and revenge but also for the distinct possibility of more money as they work deeper into the entire program.

They have to get Jenkins into Russia and keep him hidden while they are also working to find where Paulina is being held and how can they get her freed. What makes Federov a great partner is that the current top Russian Intelligence actually pushed Federov out of the position and away from any other positions. So Federov has much to pay back.

When Jenkins and Federov get into action they find that Paulina is not just in isolation but that she is in the biggest and most famous Russian prison. But together they (with quite a bit of help from U.S. intelligence services) they begin the task. They know full well not only will they have a tough job getting her out of prison but an even bigger one getting her, Federov, and Jenkins out of Russia. And they are battling Russia’s newest intelligence leader, Efimov, who is not only brilliant but fighting to prove his value in his new position!

Very interesting read with much tension and excitement all through the book. One slight hazard to me however was the amount of Russian verbiage that is spread throughout the book. In most all cases the translations are made but it does tend to slow down the read and even take away some of the tension.

But still a great book by Robert Dugoni who seems to be creating one after another of these in rapid succession! Good for all of his readers and I am sure he has many besides me!

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