The Hit by David Baldacci

The Hit Reviewed by Allen Hott

David Baldacci introduced his readers to Will Robie earlier in another story and now he has him on a new mission. In case you missed it, Robie is a top U.S. government assassin who does away with the government’s enemies usually one or so at a time. No, he is not a member of our armed forces although he has been trained as such. Now he works strictly undercover for a special unit that reports pretty much directly to the president. As Robie moves along in this tale he also has contacts with Julie Getty, a young girl who now relies on him for strength and hope. He also reunites with Nichole Vance, an agent for the FBI who has worked alongside Robie in the past.

But Robie in this story meets up with a former female agent that he trained with several years ago. Jessica Reel was one of the best that Robie had ever seen join the group. One of the best overall not just one of the best women! And from what he has heard she has excelled in her assignments since becoming a full time assassin.

However something seems to be amiss as all indications are that on her last assignment she did the unthinkable. The unit’s hits are directed via all types of top of the line electronic communications. And they are basically fail safe! However in Reel’s last case she was given the task of taking out a leader of a Middle Eastern nation that was using his power in a way not accepted by the U.S.

From a desk in Washington Reel’s co-conspirator, a man higher up in the organization had used their top flight electronic equipment to set her up for the assignation shot. However as he called out the final instructions to her as to making the shot a shot flew through his window and killed him where he sat at his control desk.

It was immediately ascertained that Reel had not in fact gone to her assigned location for her long range rifle shot but had in fact positioned herself in Washington from where she could shoot her partner/leader. The question was not how she did it but why.

Robie was quickly assigned the task of finding Reel and bringing her back to headquarters, either dead or alive. His interest was definitely to bring her back alive because he wanted to know why she made this type of decision. He was, however, quickly led to believe that she had some ideas about the various heads of the government’s chain of command because she quickly took out another top leader and then vanished.

Reel knew that Robie would be the one to come after her so she began sending him messages that were somewhat vague but appeared to be asking him to join with her in this fight against some sort of possible takeover of Washington’s top leaders.

The story really gets interesting as Robie begins tracking her down and how it evolves into a well written and exciting book is another of Baldacci’s achievements. Much of what is described seems somewhat hard to believe but in today’s advanced world and with human nature the way it is the whole plot is not only believable but certainly possible. Great story!

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