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The Guardians by John Grisham

Reviewed by Allen Hott

John Grisham has done it again! The Guardians is another of his very interesting looks at law and the practice thereof. Grisham himself was an attorney in Southern Mississippi back before he became a famous writer, for books like Time to Kill and The Firm. And then even after his writing skills became known, in 1996 he went back to the courtroom and, as an attorney, won a case for his clients that totaled over six hundred and eighty thousand dollars. However The Guardians is proof positive of his ability as a writer!

Cullen Post and several other attorneys work in what is called Guardian Ministries. It is a very small firm that is based on religious beliefs and works on getting prisoners out of jail. The inmates they work to free are basically those who have been found guilty of a crime by a court that didn’t necessarily have all the facts. Or at least did not have them correct.

Most of those that The Guardians try to help are on death row or at least have been in prison for a very long period of time with no hope of release. Post is a lawyer and also an Episcopalian minister. He is presently working for Quincy Miller who has been in jail for over 20 years for a murder that was committed in North Florida.

Post travels the country working on cases that have some reasonable doubt as to whether the accused did in fact commit the crime. He is now involved with case of Quincy who is adamant about his innocence in this crime. The more that Post gets involved the more he discovers. Things like people who definitely lied on the witness stand. And also physical evidence that was presented at the time of the trial and later turned out to be incorrect.

Post also finds enough untruths that were told by a police officer that after Post puts forth the real story the officer not only loses his job but also ends up in prison.

Quite a story and typical of Grisham there are many legal proceedings that are brought forth to in fact work in the correct way…..the way that the law should work!

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