The Gods of Guilt (Lincoln Lawyer) by Michael Connelly

The Gods of GuiltReviewed by Allen Hott

Mickey Haller is back! One of Connelly’s favorite characters is Mickey Haller who is also more widely known as the Lincoln Lawyer. Why you ask? Because Haller does not have a real office although he is a widely known defense lawyer in the LA area. No office at all. He works out of the back of a Lincoln Town Car that is usually driven by Earl Briggs who works for Haller in various ways besides being a driver.

Lately times have been tough for Haller and his small group as there has been few real cases. Mostly right now they are working foreclosures and the pay for that is minimal to say the least. The book starts out as Haller leaves court where his latest client didn’t walk but was granted a mistrial because of a ploy that Haller used to avoid his client being put away for sure.

So Haller heads out to see David “Legal” Siegel an elderly attorney who had been Haller’s dad’s law partner but was now living in an assisted living location. But even so at eighty one his mind was still very sharp and he has always advised Haller in his legal endeavors. Right now Haller was looking more for sympathy or some kind of assistance in getting out of his funk because of the business conditions. “Legal” also does a good job at that task and sends a somewhat revitalized Haller on his way.

It almost seems as though “Legal” is clairvoyant because on his way back to the office Haller gets a call from Lorna, his assistant and former ex-wife. She informs him that he has just been offered a murder case by what appears to be a good paying client. The client is already in jail for murder so Haller heads off to the jail after he confirms that the payment for his services is backed by a gold brick.

Andre La Cosse, the accused, tells Haller that he called because the woman he supposedly killed has often talked of Haller and recommended him highly. (Michael Connelly has built quite a storyline here.) La Cosse was her pimp and she was a call girl! After hearing the name and the story Haller realizes that the victim was a former client of his (several times in fact) and Haller had somewhat of a crush on her (he never admitted to it but even now he thinks of her and is saddened by her death.

As is the case with Connelly’s stories there are many twists, turns, and sub-plots. All of which just make the book that much more interesting for the reader.

The further into the investigation that Haller gets the more he finds out about this particular case and several older ones that involve some strange goings-on with certain police who have been involved. The investigation takes Haller and his driver into some different locations and the culmination of one of these trips turns out to be quite serious for them.

The final chapters originate from the courtroom when the case is being tried and shows how Haller uses his background and smarts to do a great job for his client. Of course the entire process as usual depends on The Gods of Guilt. When you find out who they really are you may be somewhat surprised. Great idea, Michael Connelly!

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