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The Fix (Amos Decker series) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The FixAmos Decker, Baldacci’s cop with the unbelievable memory, is walking along the street in front of FBI headquarters in Washington when he watches a man across the street from him walking toward a woman. The man and woman pass each other, and then the man turns and pulls a gun. He fires one round in the back of the woman’s head and Decker takes off across the street pulling his guy and shouting. The man looks at Decker, smiles and then puts the gun under his chin and fires. And with that Walter Dabney, aged 61 and a government contractor is seriously wounded. The lady who is dead is Anne Berkshire an unmarried school teacher who for some reason was killed by Dabney.

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Because of his proximity to the shooting Decker, a special agent with the FBI gets assigned to the case. And as is usually the case in Baldacci’s thrillers it does in fact become quite a case and quite a story with many twists, turns, flips, and flops. Alex Jamison, Decker’s partner and another FBI agent go to the hospital to see if they can talk with Dabney while Decker goes to the morgue to get any info he can on the woman.

Decker finds that the woman had just recently visited a hospice where she met with several patients including a young boy that she frequently visited and read to from one of his favorite books.

The other agents speak with Dabney’s wife and find that he has recently taken a trip but she didn’t know where. As the owner of his own company he travels quite a bit and she doesn’t always know why or where. As they discuss the recent past with her they get word that first one of their daughters is on her way home from France because of her dad’s condition but then they also learn he has died at the hospital.

Decker and Jamison continue on with their investigation while also meeting up with another agent from the Defense Intelligence Agency. As these three work somewhat together even though there seem to be some obstacles building between them they also meet up with an old friend of Decker’s. This guy played football with Decker before he got sent to prison for twenty years for a crime he didn’t commit! Now he is out, his reputation cleared, and he has quite a bit of money thanks to the government paying him for their mistakes.

How these four all seem to connect and work through the strange case of Walter Dabney is really an interesting read. It seems there was just a whole lot going on including spying being done by several people. Some of these people came to the surface immediately but others took quite a bit of tracking and digging.

The main thrust of the story is the tracking of the spy network and its conspirators but the story also goes into depth of how spies do their job and how they pass secrets back and forth between those who steal the secrets and those who want the secrets once they have been stolen.

the fix,amos decker,david baldacci,book reviewBaldacci has put together another very interesting story with the main focus on Amos Decker, the man with the unbelievable memory.

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