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The Eighth Sister: A Thriller (Charles Jenkins) by Robert Dugoni

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Eighth SisterThis is quite a story that basically that wraps around the concept that there are or were eight Russian women who have fought against the KGB or its current counterpart the FSB for many years. Supposedly there were seven who lived for years but then, again supposedly, three of them were killed or died in some fashion. Now there is a new one looking to join up with the survivors and she would be The Eighth Sister. However there is at least one Russian FSB agent, Viktor Federov, who is looking earnestly for this theoretical eighth sister. He hopes by finding her he can find the other remaining sisters and bring them to Russian justice!

However in the United States Charles Jenkins, a former US CIA agent, was contacted by his former CIA boss who wants him to go into Russia undercover and convince the FSB that he knows who and where the original sisters are and that the eighth sister will come forward allowing the FSB to capture her and try to track down the others. However before they can do that the CIA plans to step into Jenkins’ place and kill the eighth before she can do any talking.

Supposedly the CIA knows that Jenkins’ company does investigative work and that the company is in debt over its head. It also knows that the company that Jenkins’ company is in debt to is also in debt and is about to go bankrupt. The CIA offers Jenkins a goodly amount of money, and help getting into Russia to pull of the entire episode under his cover as an investigator working for his parent company. Because Jenkins, who is about to be of retirement age but being married with a young son and another child on the way, needs the money and likes the idea of helping the CIA if possible so he takes on the commitment.

And this is where the story gets fairly intense as Jenkins gets to Russia and thinks he has blended in but Federov, the Russian FSB agent, at first is friendly and helpful to Jenkins.
However things change drastically and except for the appearance of a female CIA agent who enters the action in time to not only work with Jenkins as he works at getting away from Federov but in the end she does quite a bit more! The chase that she and Jenkins lead Federov and his FSB troops on is quite a story in itself.

After all the excitement and harrowing escapes from Russia, Jenkins ends up back in the United States but he almost immediately finds that the CIA and the entire U.S. government appear to be against him. From killings and exciting get-aways (again) the story rolls into the legal ending and it is quite an ending!

Quite a story and though lengthy and even wordy at times it is a really good read! Dugoni has done very well with this adventure story!

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