The Cold Moon by Jeffery Deaver

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Cold MoonMr. Deaver has put a full load into the works this time for Lincoln Rhyme. Rhyme is the paralyzed former New York Police officer now working as a homebound investigator for the NYPD. He works with his female aide, Amelia Sachs, who is still employed by the NYPD and several other aides. Most of their work is centered around Rhyme’s meticulous and very observant style. He uses those assets from his wheelchair while the others patrol the various crime scenes and feed him info as they probe.

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This time he is locked in with the Watchmaker, a very sharp bad guy, who is also deeply into clocks and watches. These he uses in his crimes and usually leaves one of some sort at the scene of the crime.

In the beginning the Watchmaker and his accomplice are targeting a group of people who have a strange sort of relationship. He appears to be killing them, and then after leaving various clues moves on to the next. With the help of Sachs, other investigators, and Kathryn Dance they are able to solve the first Watchmaker case or so they think.

Kathryn Dance, , a noted criminalist who specializes in great interrogation methods, contributes greatly to the cause by getting details from captured suspects that normal questioning doesn’t get.

However as the crew figures out rather quickly although they thought they had busted the Watchmaker he, in a really spectacular fashion, does in fact get away. It isn’t just like breaking out of prison. He does it like he does all of his crimes with much precision and astute planning.

Now the problem Rhyme and his crew have to deal with is finding him but they also have to figure out ways to stop some of his ingenious plans that they continue running into. These plans always involve innocent bystanders it seems as victims.

This may be one of the most complex and twisted up stories that you will ever read. But you will never lose interest and you will, like Rhyme and his troops be constantly moving forward looking for more.

Oh, yeah, and as a warning, expect to hear more from the Watchmaker in future Deaver books. He is just too good of a character for a great novelist to put away. He will be back!! And so should you!!!

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