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The Cold Kiss by John Rector

Reviewed by Teri Davis

The Cold Kiss“We were the only ones inside except for a man whispering into a pay phone on the other side of the lunch counter. I don’t think we would’ve noticed him at all if it wasn’t for his cough. The sound, wet and choking, was hard to ignore. I did my best. Sarah didn’t.”

Sometimes running away seems like your only choices within minutes. What would you do if you saw an older man who was coughing and having difficulty breathing? Most of us would choose to ignore him.

It appeared as if the man’s car had died outside the diner. What would you do if this man asked to ride with you? What if he was willing to pay you $300?
Nate and Sara agree to give the man a ride. That is a mistake that can cost them their lives.

John Rector is an award-winning writer who currently resides in Omaha, Nebraska. Cold Kiss is his debut novel. Other books written since are The Grove, Already Gone, Out of the Black and Ruthless. His next book 2017The Ridge is expected to be released in April of 2017.

The Cold Kiss is an uncomfortable thriller. Why uncomfortable? John Rector expertly entices the reader inside the story making them feel as if they have become the protagonist feeling the realistic emotions. The action is fast-paced with an undercurrent of a threat as the story progresses.

Rector’s writing is outstanding in the area of characterization. Each person becomes real, complete with a physical description but also allowing the reader an insight into their dreams and aspirations as well as their flawed pasts filled with poor choices. Most of the story occurs at an out-of-the-way Iowa motel during a blizzard. What could go wrong?

The story is well-organized and written with a voice that feels hypnotic. You don’t want to put this book down.

Cold Kiss is the perfect book to read on a cold, wintry night. Even hot chocolate is not enough to stop you from being chilled by this thriller.

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