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The Christmas Scorpion: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child (Kindle Version)

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Christmas ScorpionA very different approach this time by Lee Child as he puts Jack Reacher, everybody’s favorite, in a short story! Much of the concept is typical however as Reacher is heading south (as usual) to be warm for the winter. Strangely enough though, it doesn’t work out that way as the small south California town gets hit with a tremendous snow storm. And that storm forces Reacher to finally seek shelter in a very lonely bar/restaurant where only the owner and two other couples are staying…..also trying to stay warm and out of the snow.

And this is where Child starts building his story. It seems one of the couples explain to Reacher that they are Royal Military Police and they were on their way to the nearby military base (where Reacher had been stationed at one time as a Military Policeman). They were part of a group that not only included a very higher-up in English politics but some other very important people from the United States. The snowstorm had torn up their automobile caravan leaving them far behind the others in the group.

They ask Reacher to use his knowledge and possible contacts at the base to get them assistance and find out if the others in their group had arrived. Right after this discussion started the gentleman from the other couple came over and asked if they could please be considered part of the group so that they could somehow get out of the storm.

Reacher does get in contact with the base and they send out a helicopter to pick up the five folks in the restaurant. In talking with the copter pilot Reacher discovers that the other part of the caravan did not make it to the base either so off the chopper goes to hunt down those missing.

Just prior to boarding the copter Reacher learns that through internet chatter the authorities are aware that a dissident named the Christmas Scorpion is also trying to get to the meeting at the base to perhaps do some harm to the participants especially those from England.

Also on boarding Reacher notices that the old lady from the second couple has some kind of tattoo or marking on her neck resembling a spider and some holiday décor.

Now it is up to you as a reader to get this book and find out what happens next. Reacher and The Christmas Scorpion are bound to in some fashion get together, don’t you think?? Great short story in typical Reacher/Child style.

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