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The Chinese Conspiracy by John Mariotti (Review #2)

Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Imagine you are either at work or at home doing some intensive research on the Internet that might be very personal to you or sensitive information for your employer and all at once your computer goes blank? You pick up your cell phone and there is nothing but a hissing sound coming from it. You turn on the radio or television set to see if something was wrong in your area only to find there is no reception there either. You talk to someone in your office or a neighbor if you are home, and discover they are having the same problems. In today’s world of instant communications we have a difficult time comprehending that such things could occur. You think that our government has many sufficient experts constantly working on all of the fore mentioned means of communicating so this must be a quirk of nature. You climb into your vehicle and search the area nearby only to find the same circumstances. You become involved in an accident because all the traffic lights were green on each street. By now you are concerned about what and who is causing such major problems when all of a sudden, as fast as all electronics ceased working they came back to life.

In “The Chinese Conspiracy” John Mariotti brings this situation to life, not only involving the United States but many other locations throughout the world. We are introduced to Jim Martini who had been born and raised in Briggs, West Virginia but had moved from the area for other business interests. He remembered Briggs as a bustling little town that was supported by a large plant, Winton Manufacturing Company, that had since, all of a sudden closed leaving most of the town out of work, turning Briggs into a silent lesser town with work extremely hard to find. When Martini learned that his old haunts had declined so far, he decided to return to see what could have occurred that made that large plant close so abruptly. What he uncovered opened a huge can of worms.

Some in China wanted to cleanse the old government from office and take over the nation by trying to prove the incompetence of the present rulers. Briggs was the location that was selected for a huge part of their takeover through electronic controlling and through that, ransom world governments with threats of the use of the killing of electronics. Some workers were placed in Briggs to get the locals used to foreigners being around so as not to surprise anyone. Martini discovered the strange way the manufacturing plant had been closed and demolished, and despite threats, beatings, and attempts on his life as well as his previous friends he had reconnected with in Briggs, became more involved instead of wary of those against him and the town. Many friends he knew from high school days that still lived there remembered him well, some good memories, and some still holding grudges. He even connected with a girl that had a crush on him, had married, and now was divorced. He became closer with Anita and her son, Ronnie, and they became connected personally and for investigation too. Ronnie had become quite a communications expert during his years in the army, which proved very helpful.

The story includes several local and federal law enforcement agencies that worked closely with Martini and Ronnie. The importance of Briggs could be the same at any small area in the world where terrorists or, as in this case, a group wanting to take over the world through communications. The use of worms as viruses, Trojan horse, Spyware/malware, virus in many forms, Phishing, and many variations of all of these were used in some of the attempts to disrupt the world in this book. As the author explains at the end of his book, these events could occur anywhere, anytime, and in many ways. The fictionalized book only tells his ideas of how bad things could be if such things succeeded. You will enjoy this book. Thanks John Mariotti for trying to awaken us up to how such a future world could unfold in front of all of us.

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