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The Candidate (A Newsmakers Novel) by Liz Wiehl

Reviewed by Teri Davis

The CandidateHow can you be certain that who you vote for as President is the person the country needs and who you believe is the best person?

Erica Sparks has worked hard to overcome her personal problems with alcohol to become one of the nation’s highest rated cable news host. It isn’t easy to be on the top since logically at some time, you know that you have to come off that mountaintop.

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Now she has the responsibility and privilege to get to know the two Presidential candidates. One is a woman, Lucy Winters who appears sincere, down-to-earth, genuine and trustworthy. The other is a handsome veteran who also was kidnapped while on a humanitarian mission to Iraq. This man, Mike Ortiz at times appears charismatic while often his eyes look empty and coached by his wife. Who would get your vote?

Erica’s life is not all glitz and glamor. She is a single-parent of a precocious and questioning daughter, Jenny. Unfortunately, the time demands of her career require her to be separated from Jenny longer than either of them likes.

Erica is bothered by the relationship between Mike Ortiz and his wife. There is not anything the is noticeable, but she is questioning the possible control of the candidate through his wife.

Author Lis Wiehl knows the world of news broadcasting by being a legal analyst and commentator for Fox News Channel while appearing weekly on The O’Reilly Factor, Lou Dobbs Tonight, Imus in the Morning, Kelly’s Court and numerous other programs. She bases her books from being a graduate of Harvard Law School and being a former federal prosecutor. She has authored and co-authored many book series with the Mia Quinn Mysteries, the Triple Threat Series, the East Salem Trilogy and the novel, Snapshot.

Sebastian Stuart is the author of four books: The Hour Between, The Mentor, To the Manor Dead, and 24-Karat Kids. He has also written under the name Kendall Hart while writing non-fiction e-books, and a senior editor for the book publisher, New World City.

The Candidate is the second novel in Wiehl’s series entitled The Newsmakers, with the first book being a novel of the same name.

The Candidate is a fast-paced page-turner following Erica day-by-day as she researches into each candidate while attempting to have a long-distance relationship with her fiance, occasionally reconnecting with friends, and doing her best to be a good parent for her daughter. Realistically, the constant demands on her time forcing her to make choices placing her career over her personal life applies to every parent, as the guilt accumulates.

The Candidate is what every person should read as they make decisions about the upcoming Presidential election.

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