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The Breaking Point by Jefferson Bass

Reviewed by Allen Hott

The Breaking PointThis team can write! Actually Jefferson is Jon Jefferson, top flight writer, and Dr. Bill Bass, world renowned forensic anthropologist and creator of the famous Body Farm in Tennessee. The stories they write are in some way connected to Bass’s work but not necessarily with the Body Farm itself.

In The Breaking Point Dr. Bill Brokton (their fictional creator of the Farm) has just been called away from Tennessee where he was helping teach some new Federal agents in how to get details from a crime scene. Both Brokton, McReady (the lead agent), and the newbies are however called out to work a plane crash in the Otay Mountains in the San Diego area.
crashed. Janus and his international relief team are well known to Brokton and his wife Kathleen. They believe that Janus has done a great job although recently there have been stories or rumors of possible drug running being done by the organization. The Broktons decide to send off a new donation immediately knowing full well how this type of disaster can hurt the financial status of an organization.

On arriving at the site of the crash Brokton gets a quick dose of working a scene wherein the procedure of getting to the actual position is practically impossible. However with various governmental agencies interested in this particular crash all types of equipment including lifts, ladders, small helicopters, and manpower are put to work immediately.

The crew spends quite a number of hours (many of which entail just getting to the crash site) and overall appear to be pretty much out of luck as far as definite proof of who was in the plane. Not only did the crash into the mountain side obliterate most of the craft the ensuing fire wiped out much of the balance.

However as they were about to give up Brokton spots something and immediately digs into the smoldering dirt. What he finds is somewhat helpful but later circumstances change some of the good news. He does find some teeth and also a medical device that assists those with bad backs. They get to Mrs. Janus with the news and she helps them with some medical records which all combined appear to prove that the pilot was Janus. The FBI is convinced that he was involved with drug running!

But like any good mystery/suspense story there is much more than just what the eye can see!

The Bass writing team put up obstacles and rearranges parts of the plot to keep the reader fully involved and wondering what is next. Along with the necessary twists to the story the team also brings in a very saddening turn that just about takes the wind out of the story’s sails!

But it is a very good easy to read book with the right amount of medical mumbo-jumbo to keep most of us readers involved right to the end!

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