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The Bone Yard by Jefferson Bass (Review #2)

The Bone YaredReviewed by Vickie Dailey

Jefferson Bass is the writing duo of Dr. Bill Blass and Jon Jefferson. This is their sixth bone farm novel.

Dr. Bill Brockton is a forensic anthropologist at the Bone Farm. Here they take bodies and teach students forensics. One such student, Angie, is called away home. Dr. Brockton then gets a call from Angie requiring his help. Her sister is dead apparently from a self-inflicted gun shot would that Angie believes her brother-in-law committed. This is not the story of The Bone Yard.

While Dr. Brockton is down in Tallahasse, he is asked to look at (2) skulls that a dog has brought home to his master. This is the real story. Soon they are excavating for bodies at the site of a burned out juvenile deliquent facility. The story of the reform school is a hard one; they are thrown out matter of factly through the finding of an old journal.

This story is very heavy on the forensics (good to learn about the new techniques). There is very little action that you would normally find in a police procedural.

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