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The Ridge by John Rector

Reviewed by Nancy Eaton

Megan began to wonder if she was losing her mind. Is everything real or just part of her imagination? Can she trust anyone is this town?

Megan and her husband Tyler move to Chicago where he has accepted a job at the Institute, a research center and must remain there at least for a year.

Megan is not very happy with the move and the strange neighborhood. She believes that one of the neighbors, Rachel Addison, is trying to steal her husband. When Megan confronts Rachel everything goes awry. There was a terrible accident and Megan believes Rachel is dead. When she tells Tyler what happened, he goes to Rachel’s house only to find her alive and well. Is Megan losing her mind? Read the rest of this entry »

The Ridge by Michael Koryta

The RidgeReviewed by Patricia Reid

Chief Deputy Kevin Kimble is making an early morning drive when he receives a very strange and disturbing phone call. The call is from Wyatt French one of the stranger residents of Kimble’s county. Wyatt lives on a hilltop known as Blade Ridge. Wyatt is famous for his heavy drinking and his residence. Wyatt lives in a lighthouse that lights up the hills surrounding his home. Wyatt’s call is to ask just one question of Kimble and that is if Kimble would rather have a homicide to investigate or a suicide. Kimble finally responds with the answer of suicide.

Kimble’s early drive is a strange one. He makes a monthly visit to prison to visit Jacqueline Mathis. Mathis is serving time for the murder of her husband. Jacqueline also severely injured Kimble although she claims not to remember that she shot him. Kimble thinks that his visits are not common knowledge but his telephone conversation with French reveals that French is well aware of these trips.

Audrey Clark is the owner of a big-cat sanctuary and is in the process of moving the animals to her new location on Blade Ridge. The cats are restless and seem to be dissatisfied with the new sanctuary. Read the rest of this entry »