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The Llama of Death: A Gunn Zoo Mystery (Gunn Zoo Series) by Betty Webb

The Llama of DeathReviewed by Teri Davis

Just doing your job can cause you problems.

Theodora “Teddy” Bentley has the responsibility of caring for Alejandro, the llama in giving small children rides at the local Renaissance Faire. She does whatever it takes to keep Alejandro content which is easy since he loves children. With the adults he has been known to spit substantial amounts of slobber.

Life is fairly normal until a dead body is found in the llama pen. Initially it appears that the person died from being stomped to death by Alejandro. Teddy knows that even the llama can be moody, this is definitely not like him.

When a crossbow dart is discovered to be the actual cause of death, Teddy is temporarily relieved until she discovers that her mother has been arrested by the acting sheriff, Deputy Elvin Dade. The dead man who was dressed as King Henry the Eighth in real life was the Rev. Victor Emerson who owned the local wedding chapel. He had married most of the town. However, it turns out that the reverend was not who he said he was and definitely not a legally qualified person to marry anyone. So everyone in this town who had the Reverend reside over their nuptials, is now not legitimately married.

Being that the sheriff is out of town training with Homeland Security, the next available deputy to investigate the murder is Elvin Dade. Dade succeeds in being incompetent as an investigator as he wipes evidence off the dart in front of many people. Read the rest of this entry »