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The Inquisitor’s Key: A Body Farm Novel by Jefferson Bass

The Inquisitor's Key Reviewed by Allen Hott

A slightly different take on Dr. Bill Brockton, the forensic specialist from the Body Farm in Tennessee. The team making up Jefferson Bass has co-authored several stories featuring Dr. Brockton as he gets involved with dead bodies, skeletons, and with those who cause crimes as well as those attempting to solve them. Lucky for the readers Dr. Brockton usually is a big part of the solving!

However The Inquisitor’s Key is actually a two part story as it goes back and forth from modern day Avignon, France to the same area in the 1300’s.

Brockton was called to France by his protégé, Miranda Lovelace, who had gone there for the summer to assist an old friend of hers who was working on an excavation in an anteroom that is situated beneath the Palace of the Popes. Miranda felt that Brockton would not only be a big help but would also enjoy the work as it was to be forensic and historic. It seems there is a belief (among some folks) that in effect the figure that was captured on the Shroud of Turin could have in fact been Jesus. Read the rest of this entry »