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The Innocent (Will Robie Book 1) by David Baldacci

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Will Robie is back and though a lot of us have a hard time believing that our government would hire hit men to take out those opposed to our ideas, here is the guy who does just that. For some time and several Baldacci books Will Robie has been the hit man for the United States who travels all over the world. He works for the U.S. government incognito and takes out the top men in the various groups who oppose the U.S. way of thinking and doing business.

He basically reports to one man who gives him his assignments and these assignments can be anywhere in the world. And as is almost always the case he somehow gets involved personally with individuals along the way. Usually these individuals are women that he meets and falls for. Some of them are good and some are not so his live becomes even more involved than just killing bad guys.

In this story Robie begins having to kill a Russian and a Palestinian who are planning on killing someone high in the U.S. Government. Robie does his job and makes his way back home. Little does he realize that the Palestinian whom he had killed has a relative who will hunt Robie down and eventually find him. Read the rest of this entry »

The Innocent by David Baldacci

The Innocent by David BaldacciReviewed by Allen Hott

Looks like a new leading character for David Baldacci. However he has pretty much maintained the same general location (our nation’s capital area) and same type of plot. Oh yeah he has definitely maintained his style, which without a doubt is one of the best in mystery/political thrillers.

The Innocent is in fact a young girl who has been orphaned when her parents were caught up in a political skirmish brought about by their military involvement from years past. At about the same time that she is trying to find out why it happened to her parents along comes Will Robie who happens to be completely at a loss as to what happened on his most recent assassination attempt. Yes, that’s right. Will Robie is an assassin who works for the United States government. Do you believe that these folks exist? I feel certain that they do and David Baldacci has built a terrific story about one of them.

It just so happens that Robie gets on to a bus to make his getaway from the blown assassination attempt (which also turned out to be the perfect setup for later subplots). While on that bus he manages to save Julie Getty. The fourteen -year old Julie Getty is in fact The Innocent. After Robie saves her from probable death on the bus, the two of them exit the bus and start up the street just as the bus explodes. Read the rest of this entry »