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The Burning Room by Michael Connelly (Review #2)

The Burning RoomThis is a MUST read for any suspense or crime reader.

Almost ready for retirement, Harry Bosch, a good detective, is given a new rookie partner, Lucia Soto, who has good credentials but no experience at the level Bosch has.  As it turns out Soto has a very good mind and proves it with her actions and follow through.  She learned fast and became a huge help to Bosch in solving a cold case that no one else even came close to finding the culprits.  But this cold case led Lucia to a bad killer of a fire in a children’s home in which she had been in at the earlier time.  That fire had killed many children and Soto wanted vengeance to the killers involved.<!–more–>

Many other twists and turns occur that will keep you in this book. I knew when I saw Connelly’s name on a new book that it would delight most all readers.  Please don’t miss this book.  I purchased the paperback copy.

The Burning Room by Michael Connelly

The Burning RoomReviewed by Allen Hott

Harry Bosch, Detective Supreme, gets teamed up with a new partner who though a young woman has already been touted as being a true up and coming police officer. Harry finds out early on that his new partner has been commended for coming to the aid of a previous partner by using her weapon quickly and correctly in Harry’s eyes.

In true Connelly fashion the author has constructed a really great story about how these two cops work together on solving not one but two unsolved crimes from years past. They were given one to work that involved a shooting some twenty years ago but as good detectives they also along the way begin solving another old one.

Harry finds out early on that his new partner was very involved in one of the old crimes but not in the way you would think. She was actually a victim of sorts in a fire that took place in a building that housed the day care center that she attended as a very young girl. Read the rest of this entry »