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Skin Game (A Teddy Fay Novel Book 3) by Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Teddy Fay was now working as a film producer when he gets a phone call from his old CIA boss. Fay had to leave the CIA at one time because of a mix-up but now they want him back. They believe there is a mole (spy) that is infiltrated into the Paris office of the CIA. So Fay, with very little hesitation heads to Paris as a re- hired CIA agent.

From there it gets very confusing as Fay is constantly finding out strange things that appear to be building up in Paris involving many different countries. They all have not only their normal embassies but these folks are additional countrymen of many countries. They seem to be trying to get to something but neither Fay nor his fellow CIA agents seem to know what.

Fay, working in disguises of all sorts with names of all types, seems to be doing well blending in and learning some things. He quickly meets up with Stone Barrington, perhaps the richest investigator ever, and the New York City police commissioner who is also rich and an investigator. They put together a plan to all work together hunting for the Parisian mole. Read the rest of this entry »

Cut and Thrust (Stone Barrington) by Stuart Woods

Cut and ThrustReviewed by Allen Hott

This is a very good and also a very fast read. For those of you who are familiar with Stuart Woods probably think of him as a good writer with a lot of sexual encounters playing a big part of the story. Not here! Not in Cut and Thrust. This story mentions sex but always in some sort of off handed way and does not dwell on nor detail any sexual encounters.

I would think we would all like to live a life similar to Stone Barrington. Born to rebellious parents Stone grew up pretty much the same way. Went to good schools working his way to a law degree and joined the NYPD as a patrolman. Later after becoming a detective he was forced from his position because of numerous disagreements with superiors. He went to work in a friend’s law firm and began living the good life. Read the rest of this entry »