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Stay Close by Harlan Coben

Stay Close Reviewed by Allen Hott

There is no doubt that Harlan Coben is one of the top suspense writers of our times and Stay Close is another of his really great books. He is able to take ordinary people in ordinary situations and then build a story that is full of intrigue and suspense. His characters are believable, his descriptions are right on, and the dialogue keeps the story moving at a great pace.

In this one a typical housewife with two kids and a husband has never really disclosed to anyone some of the happenings in her past. And as the story progresses the reader understands why and even agrees with Megan as she goes about her normal suburban life. But the problems begin when she begins to fixate on some happening long ago.

At the same time in Atlantic City there is a photographer who is barely eking out a living by shooting fake paparazzi type photos for rich kids to act out their dreams as celebrities. In truth Ray is a truly fine photographer who should be doing what he did in an earlier day. At one time he was a well-known and renowned photographer who traveled the world doing photos for international news organizations. His drinking and lifestyle have not really altered his expertise but he also seems to spend a lot of time reminiscing at least in his mind. Read the rest of this entry »

Stay Close by Harlan Coben

Stay CloseReviewed by Allen Hott

How intertwined people’s lives can sometimes turn out is pretty much the premise of Stay Close. Things that occurred years ago in a lifetime can often come back to either haunt a person or make a person feel giddy and happy. Most of the things that come back in this book tend to haunt the person involved.

The main character, Cassie as she was known as in her days as a stripper in Atlantic City many years ago, is now living as Megan. As Megan she has a loving husband and two teenaged youngsters in the New Jersey countryside. When she receives a phone call from an old acquaintance back in Atlantic City she feels she has to return to find out some answers to questions that were left unresolved upon her departure.

Another friend of that old acquaintance is a photographer who developed a drinking problem brought on by some strong guilt feelings. Ray is now not the respected photojournalist that he was but rather a very disturbed man who ekes out a living doing menial photo shoots. Little does he realize that he is about to not only meet up again with the lost love of his live but he is also about to be looked upon as a possible murderer.

Detective Broome began investigating a missing person who had been thought to be a runaway husband. Broome had become very close with this fellow’s wife and family. Broome felt something strange about the case and though it was now more than fifteen years past he still was pursuing answers. Read the rest of this entry »