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Spider Woman’s Daughter by Anne Hillerman

spiderwomansdaughterReviewed by Dianne Woodman

Anne Hillerman has written an intriguing mystery set in the heart of Indian country. The crime takes place in Arizona in the city of Window Rock, the capital of the Navajo nation. Intricate details about Navajo history, traditions, beliefs, and superstitions are interwoven seamlessly into contemporary lifestyles.

In Spider Woman’s Daughter, Joe Leaphorn, a retired Navajo police officer, is shot at point blank range and is barely clinging to life. The only eyewitness to the shooting is Officer Bernadette “Bernie” Manuelito, who is forced to take a leave of absence from her job as a result. This frustrates Bernie; she has made a promise to Leaphorn that she will hunt down the person responsible for the attempted murder of a man she thinks of as family. Read the rest of this entry »