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A Diet to Die For by Sarah Steding

A Diet to Die ForReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Jen Stevens, event planner extraordinaire, has everything for the party honoring Bess Brantwood planned down to the last detail-everything that is except the star of the evening who is a no show for her own party. Among the Yummy Channel’s viewers, Bess Brantwood is queen. Not only does she consistently draw huge audiences for her show, the cupcakes she developes and sells in her bakery are truly divine. Unfortunately, she is not so divine to work with and so, when she turns up dead in the alley behind the bakery, there aren’t too many of her coworkers grieving.

As set ups go for an amateur sleuth to become involved in a police case, this is probably one of the more plausible ones I’ve run across. Jen worked for the victim, planned the event, knows all the key persons involved and last, but certainly not least, used to date one of the “persons of interest” that has gone AWOL since the murder. It is quite logical that she would be questioned and later re-interviewed for follow up details. Are there some things that happen that no way would really happen? Certainly, but as far as a reason for the protagonist to become involved in the investigation in the first place, this one is fairly plausible. Read the rest of this entry »