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Smoke Screen: A Novel by Sandra Brown

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Somewhat interesting story about a fire at police headquarters in Charleston. Actually four of the city’s top officials have been described as heroes for their part in getting people out of the building. However there were several deaths and one was a man who was being held on charges. Later it is learned that he had some information on someone in the governing hierarchy. And perhaps the fire was set intentionally to create a cover up for his death.

Britt Shelley, a very well-known television reporter who does many on the spot interviews, gets involved early on but in a strange way. It seems that she wakes one morning and the man next to her is not only one of the men who is looked on as a hero from the deadly fire but he is also dead! Britt claims she was given some sort of date rape drug in her drink and has very little memory of the entire night. She had met him for an interview about the fire. Read the rest of this entry »

Friction by Sandra Brown

Reviewed by Allen Hott

FrictionA very interesting read for the most part. Pretty involved storyline about a Texan Ranger who is more than somewhat “quick triggered”. Not necessarily in shooting someone but in his normal response to any type of challenge. Crawford Hunt has developed that reputation and many like it but others do not.

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Most recently is when he took down a drug lord when others appeared to not be overly anxious to get into the fray. But now it may all come home to haunt him as he is in court to get sole custody of his five year old daughter, Georgia. Since her mother’s death her maternal grandparents have shared custody and the grandfather is attempting to get full custody mainly because he and Crawford have never gotten along. His theory is Crawford would damage the girl by quick actions. Read the rest of this entry »

Lethal by Sandra Brown

LethalReviewed by Nancy Eaton

Honor Gillette’s four-year-old daughter informs her that a sick man is in lying in their front yard. When Honor looks out the window and sees the man, she runs out to help him. When she saw his face, she was shocked. She recognized him as Lee Coburn, the man who is accused of killing seven people the night before. Coburn has a gun and promises he will not hurt Honor or her daughter if they do as they are told.

Honor’s late husband Eddie, who was a police officer, died in an accident. Coburn told Honor that Eddie had something valuable and he needed to find it. He proceeded to tell her that she and her daughter are in a great deal of danger if what he is looking for falls into the hands of The Bookkeeper, a well-known crime boss. What is this item Coburn is hoping to find? Honor has no idea as to what Eddie could have been hiding. Coburn searches the house but could not find what he is looking for. He also wants to clear his name.

As time goes on, more and more bodies start to show up and Honor does not know who to trust. Is Coburn really the bad guy? Was her husband doing something wrong? Can she trust her father-in-law or is he also involved in something dirty? Read the rest of this entry »