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Run for Your Life by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Run for Your Life by James PattersonBeing a cop in a large city such as New York can be a very difficult job in the work you perform, the job you take home with you, and the perpetrators that are always in your mind. Detective Michael Bennett had been a cop for quite a few years and thought he had met some weird criminals but this new perp that called himself The Teacher was possibly the worst ever. He was killing, seemingly taking no definite direction regarding his victims as to location or individuality. And his killing was increasing too quickly to keep up with or where he would next strike.

Bennett had lost his wife, Mauve, less than a year ago. She was his rock and salvation being there to give Michael comfort when he came home downhearted because of work problems. Mauve knew how to “be there” for him whether it was a hug, a beer, words of encouragement, or anything else that caused him to be out of sorts. But Mauve wasn’t there now, only his nanny, Mary Catherine, who lived in a nearby apartment, filled in caring for the ten adopted children he and Mauve had adopted and loved so much. Huge problems existed in the Bennett apartment when the kids started coming down with some bug and were vomiting, sometimes not in the proper place! Thank God Mary Catherine was there to assist with the kids. Read the rest of this entry »

Run for your Life by James Patterson

Reviewed by Patricia Reid

runA killer who calls himself “The Teacher” is on a rampage.  He kills in broad daylight in front of witnesses but somehow manages to escape.   Detective Michael Bennett of the New York City Police Department is puzzled but determined to catch the killer.


“The Teacher” has an agenda but exactly what that is or how he picks his victims is something that Detective Bennett has a hard time figuring out.  The killer strikes and moves on to the next victim.  There are eye witnesses but the descriptions of the killer vary from one crime scene to the next.


Detective Bennett is a widower with ten children.  The children are currently suffering from a bout of stomach flu.  Bennett alternates between chasing the killer and trying to cope with the trials of ten sick children.



There is excitement between the pages of “Run For Your Life” but overall came off as unbelievable.  This is the second installment in the Michael Bennett series. 


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