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Convenant with Hell: A Medieval Mystery by Priscilla Royal

Convenant with HellReviewed by Teri Davis

Sometimes everyone just needs to get away. That is exactly what Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas from Tyndal were thinking when they decided to pursue a pilgrimage to a nearby priory to worship at their holy relics. Looking for peace and personal repentance the two were not planning on a death immediately after their arrival. Also, they discovered that they were not really welcomed here and this particular priory was not friendly or charitable.

A young nun died from her fall from a bell tower Was she pushed or did she jump? Rumors in the town are speaking about a possible affair, a lover who was meeting with her in the tower. Unfortunately, this particular priory tends to believe the worse with this dead nun. Prioress Eleanor and Brother Thomas do not accept this conclusion with no evidence and begin to question those closest to the priory. The poor are discarded and have few rights in this community and the two do whatever they can to help others. Read the rest of this entry »

The Sanctity of Hate: A Medieval Mystery by Priscilla Royal

The Sanctity of Hate by Priscilla RoyalReviewed by Teri Davis

Tyndal Priory enjoys its peaceful existence as part of the Fontevraudine priory on the remote East Anglican coast in the year of 1276. A young applicant from the local village would like to be admitted into the priory as a novice but Sister Ruth definitely does not believe he is sincere. The father of the applicant seems to especially want his son as part of the church offering a gold candlestick and as a baker, bread for the hospital one day each month. The son seems to have some strong feelings against the Jewish people. Is this an example of a father teaching his son to hate a group of people? Why?

During this time Queen Eleanore being widowed from her husband, King Edward, recently expelled the Jewish people from Cambridge. Previously, Edward only allowed those who were Jewish live only in particular English towns. Due to usury, now this group of people found themselves hated by much of the general population.

The dead body of a man is found on the priory ground in the pond by the mill. When examined the dead man’s throat was slit, skull was fractured, and his body was obviously drowned in the water. Which one really killed him? Also this man had been hired to guard a Jewish family who were passing through the town but were delayed because of the birth of their child. The obvious suspect is the father since much of England hates the Jews.
Both Prioress Eleanor and Cr owner Ralf are fearful that the village will attack the young Jewish family so they agree that the family needs another guard. However when the guard is attacked, the village is certain that they are to blame. Their only hope is to trust the Prioress and the Crowner in discovering who is the real killer. Read the rest of this entry »