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Before the Poison by Peter Robinson

Before the PoisonReviewed by Vickie Dailey

After movie music composer Chris Lowndes’ wife dies, he moves back to England, purchasing Kilnsgate house sight unseen. After meeting Heather, his real-estate agent he learns that it was the sight of a “famous” murder that has ties to his childhood. Grace Fox was hung for posioning her husband. Chris embarks on a journey through the past to prove Grace’s innocence of the crime. The chapters of the book are interspersed with trial notes and later with excerpts of Grace’s own journal.

Although the murder took place 60 years ago, there are still key players alive that help Chris piece together the puzzle including Grace’s own grandaughter, who holds the most important key to Grace’s inner thoughts – her journal.

While the solution presented is not what Chris imagined it would be, all that we learn about Grace during Chris’ investigation makes sense. The final solution also brings a peace to Chris’ life bringing into perspective his wife’s death. Read the rest of this entry »

All the Colors of Darkness by Peter Robinson (Review #4)

Reviewed by Vickie Dailey

darknessThe Color of Darkness is the 18th Alan Banks outing. The story starts out with a suicide that quickly turns into a murder/suicide, or does it? DI Annie Cabbot is called to the scene of an apparent suicide. When DI Cabbot goes to interview Mark Hardcastle’s co-workers, he is found to have a partner Laurence Silbert. Annie goes to question him, and finds him beaten to death in his posh home. Due to the second victims apparent wealth and prestige, DCI Alan Banks is called back from his vacation to handle the delicate situation. Turns out Silbert was also an operative for M16 which leads Banks to think that the crime could be government related. After this discovery, Banks’ superior nicely orders him to take the rest of his holiday. Of course, Banks uses his time to continuing investigating the crime on his own. Derek Wyman, Mark Hardcastle’s co-worker, is found to have a motive in professional jealously. Through PI Thomasina Savage, Banks finds out that Wyman hired her to follow Silbert. Incriminating photos are given to Harcastle by Wyman supposedly driving him to murder Silbert and then kill himself.
Read the rest of this entry »