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Murder on Capitol Hill: A Capitol Crimes Novel by Margaret Truman

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

Murder on Capitol HillSenator Cale Caldwell is one of the biggest movers and shakers in Washington. But like many in D. C., there are dark things in his past that he doesn’t want known. When he is murdered at a party held in his honor, the number one question is why. A local attorney and family friend, Lydia James can hardly say no when she is asked by the late Senator’s wife to serve as counsel to the Senate Committee investigating the crime. As her investigation begins, obstacle keep being placed in her way and some of the Senator’s rivals make it clear that his death makes it easier for them to achieve their legislative goals. One such person is Senator MacLoon, who was in a fight with Caldwell over what state would get a new missile system. Lydia’s investigation will take her behind the scenes of Government and lead her to secrets she isn’t supposed to know. Read the rest of this entry »