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Monument to Murder by Maragaret Truman

Monument to MurderReviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

How is a Savannah, Georgia’s prostitute’s murder linked to the highest office of the land, and to the First Lady, Jeanine Jamison? When the struggling P.I. Robert Braxton takes the twenty-year-old case of clearing the prostitute and drug user, Louise Watkin’s, name of murder, little does he know at the time that many wealthy and influential people would rather see him dead than the case dug up again, rehashed, and solved. Monument to Murder, the twenty-fifth novel in Margaret Truman’s long-running Capital Crimes series, is a page-turning novel filled with intrigue and suspense that Truman’s fans will definitely want to add to their reading lists.

Louise Watkins confessed to stabbing a man to death, a man she claimed was trying to rape her. Though the detective in charge of the case had his doubts that the confession was a genuine one, she had confessed, and knew where the murder weapon was, thrown from a bridge into the river, and the cops were able to recover it. All of the evidence seemed to point to her as the culprit. She served four years, was released from prison, and then was shot to death in an apparent drive-by shooting. But was that really what it was, or did someone try to make her death seem to look like a drive-by shooting, when the real reason she was killed was to shut her up? Read the rest of this entry »