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Silent Treatment by Michael Palmer

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Silent TreatmentThere is no doubt that this is a medical thriller but the reader must realize that a lot of the “thriller” is in fact only connected with “medical” in a general way. Yes there are some somewhat scary moments connected with the medical industry. But most of the thrills are as Dr. Harry Corbett and a few of his associates get involved in hunting for killers.

Corbett is a highly successful doctor who is well established and well liked in the hospital where he practices. He has also been married to the love of his life, though lately he is not necessarily the love of his wife’s life. There appear to be some things happening with her that he is not aware of, only that she has been acting strangely.

Evie, his wife, is scheduled early on in the story for a minor repair on a small problem with her heart. The doctors have all convinced them that it is nothing to be concerned about but Corbett is still worried. Read the rest of this entry »

Resistant by Michael Palmer

ResistantReviewed by Cy Hilterman

Have you ever been sick with a bug of some time that the medical profession is stumped? Michael Palmer lays out a terrific story about the search for a cure of one such illness that the medical field secretly is working on to save those that have had or are showing signs of contracting the bug. There is so much danger, not only to those attempting to find a cure, but for each person working on this top secret project, they face constant danger from others that have a hint of what is going on and what this bug can do. Read the rest of this entry »

Political Suicide by Michael Palmer

Political Suicide Reviewed by Cy Hilterman

Political Suicide is a great book. I have read most of Michael Palmer’s books and have not been disappointed on any of them, but this one is possibly the best. Dr. Lou Welcome is a member of a Washington, DC medical group, Physician Wellness Group, a group that oversees professional men that need help usually because of drinking or drugs. The referrals he got sometimes led to a person that really needed and wanted help but others refused to think that they needed assistance of any kind. Besides that part-time chore, he works in the emergency room at Eisenhower Memorial Hospital almost full time. When Congressman Elias Colston was found murdered and one of Lou’s best friends, Dr. Gary McHugh, was charged with the murder, Lou was called to confer with his friend and see if there was anything he could do for a man that he felt could not murder anyone. Gary had called his attorney who sent one of his lawyers, Sarah Cooper, to meet with Gary and get the details.

Mantis was an operation, military in scope, similar to, but more expert than the Seals or Special Forces, and also very secretive. Their boastful leader, Colonel Wyatt Brody, thought he and his men were above the law since they did so many important things for their country. We learn some of their training outings and see how brutal and how the lack of care for the men was a part of Mantis. Enter Secretary of Defense Spencer Hogarth, who had a great interest in the case, who attempts to bribe a Maryland State Trooper, Detective Christopher Bryzinski, because of something in the detective’s past history. Dr. Lou Welcome’s daughter, Emily, liked to box and was good at it. Lou often went to the gym while Emily worked out with Cap. Jeannine Colston, the wife of the deceased Congressman, had an affair with Dr. Gary McHugh, so it was thought that all of this wrapped together gave motive for the murder but Dr. Lou wasn’t buying it. His good friend Gary could not have killed the Congressman. Read the rest of this entry »

Oath of Office by Michael Palmer

Oak of OfficeReviewed by Cy Hilterman

I have read most of Michael Palmer’s books wondering how he could add more excitement and deeper involvement than in his preceding books. “Oath Of Office” is no exception as I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book wondering while advancing through the book how the author can be so knowledgeable as he delves into so many subjects in various fields and subjects? The story begins as Dr. John Meacham has a huge verbal fight with a patient, certainly not the type of thing he would normally do. As that patient stormed out of his office he started thinking beyond the normal box that all those in the office would give him trouble reporting the incident to the hospital and other boards. He decided he would just stop any of them from hurting his future and started shooting and killing any patients in the office and waiting room, his own staff, and any doctors in the immediate vicinity, followed by shooting himself. Dr. Lou Welcome was a good friend of Dr. John Meacham and couldn’t believe that this man could take the actions he had taken with such finality to everyone involved. Dr. Meacham had barely survived the bullet he put in his head and despite all the medical attention he was given, including some from Lou, he didn’t make it.

The wife of the President of the United States, Darlene Mallory, was a good friend of the Secretary of Agriculture, Russell Evans, and was hurt that he had been caught with a hooker and had to resign his cabinet job. She needed to find out if the story was true or not. Their meeting was done secretly, planned well with the help of one of the Secret Service agents assigned to cover Mrs. Mallory, Victor. Victor was a very good agent but also was top notch at helping the presidents’ wife do almost anything she wished to do, outright or secretly. Lou was beginning to suspect something was going on affecting the minds of some causing them to do some outlandish and not near normal activities that had started with his friend killing so many and Dr. Meacham’s wife not acting normal also. Read the rest of this entry »

A Heartbeat Away by Michael Palmer

A Heartbeat Away by Michael PalmerReviewed by Cy Hilterman

When a power failure occurred in parts of the eastern United States, no one had an inkling of what caused it. All the experts were stunned since with all the emergency backups in place, this shouldn’t be happening, but it was! As President James Allaire took the podium to give his State of the Union address, power to certain areas also failed in the house chambers where all of the top officials of the United States government were gathered to listen to this annual report the president gave to the nation. The only exception to this gathering was one government official that wasn’t allowed to be with all the others in case of an emergency. For this occasion it was the eighteenth in succession to the presidency, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Paul Rappaport, who was in another area of the nation. When President Allaire started his speech, all rose and gave enormous applause for him. However, when his speech resumed he heard a popping sound followed by the sounds of breaking glass and the emergence of a thin, white mist throughout the audience as the same sounds were heard in various areas of the room.

Thus was the first that Genesis had become public with their threats by releasing a horrific threat called WRX3883. The president immediately had all the doors locked to keep all inside so none of this terrible what-ever-it-was could be spread to the outside world. Eventually President Allaire split the over seven hundred in the gallery into three groups depending on how close they were to the mist that had been released. The Speaker of the House, Ursula Ellis, who thought she should have been elected president because she was the best thing that could have happened to the nation, was one of the large baulkers about the separation. President Allaire admitted to some that he and some others had been working on finding a serum to fight this released biological agent but he had kept it secret and was still doing so. No one knew how so much of this could have been smuggled into the House.

Angela Fletcher is a star reporter who had worked with others in the biological field and who wanted in on whatever was occurring in the House Chambers. The outside world was blocked from any news regarding the threat facing all those gathered to listen to the State of the Union message. President Allaire knew the man he wanted to attempt to open the mystery of WRX3883; Griffin Rhodes was this man but the problem is that Rhodes was serving a life sentence in prison for killing, even though he still maintained his innocence. Rhodes was contacted and his demands were met for a full pardon IF he found a serum that would wipe out this terrible disease that tore the insides of a person apart in a very short time. Angela and Griffin had known each other from previous work and were both drawn into the search. Read the rest of this entry »

Delirious by Daniel Palmer

Reviewed by Russell Ilg

Delirious by Michael PalmerReviewed by Russell Ilg

I have always been a huge fan of new authors because it can open a whole new world to us the readers and find that new talent that is sure to be a super star writer. So I go out of my way to find these rising stars and make sure I give them a try, because most of the time to get to the point where they get published in this world of very tough standards it has to be special to have made it to the finished product.

Delirious is one of those books from new comer Daniel Palmer and I was glad I had the honor to get my hands on an advanced reader’s copy to read before it is released around the 25th of the new year. I have found over the years sometimes it takes a couple books for the author to really settle in and become a very good writer. Not this time! Daniel Palmer has hit a home run at his first at bat!!!!!

Delirious is a HUGE thriller that starts with a slam against the wall and holds you so tight in its grip you can not and will not put it down. He has taken thrillers to a completely different place that had me mesmerized from the 1st page. It takes you into the world of high tech corporate America and a family that has some serious mental health problems. One of two brothers has escaped the illness that destroyed his father and brother. He immersed himself in his education and becomes one of the most gifted people in the consumer electronics industry. In a partnership with another genius they invent and develop the greatest new addition in the car computerized intelligence system, light years ahead of anything on the market. After being bought out by a huge company it comes to the point where he is still running that end of the business and getting ready to finally put this new system into production that will shatter and change for ever the car industry. Read the rest of this entry »