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Wrong Light (The Rick Cahill Series) by Matt Coyle

Reviewed by Vickie Dailey

Wrong LightThis was my first Rick Cahill novel – I really like the character – he is a no nonsense PI.

Rick is hired by a local radio station to find out who is stalking their late-night talent via her call-in line. After Rick meets Naomi, he begins the process of finding her stalker – when it walks the Russian Mafia – pulling him in another direction.

While trying to work both cases, Rick spends many sleepless nights which leads to mistakes and death for others. Rick enlists his PI friend Moria to help with Naomi’s case while he pursues the other trying to tie all the trails together toward the final end pulling in favors from the police and FBI.

I really liked the fast pace of the book and waiting to find out if Rick could pull off working two unrelated cases at the same time – lots of story plot to hold your interest.

Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles Presents LAst Resort by Matt Coyle, Mary Marks, Patricia Smiley and Michael Connelly (Introduction)

Reviewed by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Last ResortSince 1997, Sisters in Crime has published anthologies of members’ crime fiction works. Each collection was well received with their newest addition, The LAst Resort as no exception. A stunningly extraordinary collection of fiction shorts, the book overall, combines elements that make for a deliciously wicked elixir of potently intriguing portrayals of lives at their last resort, near drowning, immersed in the murky waters of the underbelly of morality that thrives in Los Angeles. Read the rest of this entry »

Night Tremors by Matt Coyle

Reviewed by Jud Hanson

Night TremorsRick Cahill returns in Matt Coyle’s second novel, Night Tremors. Cahill is still dealing with losing his wife and being accused of her murder when he is drawn into a case which will test his limits. The grandparents of a young man convicted of murdering his family believes there is a new witness which could get their grandson a new trial with his testimony. Their lawyer, someone who Cahill was once at odds with, asks him to meet with the witness to see if he is credible. As Cahill digs further into the background of the witness, the La Jolla police chief does his best to interfere with his efforts. The result is a reigniting of their long running animosity for each other and Cahill’s realization that there is indeed a truth that someone doesn’t want revealed. Read the rest of this entry »

Yesterday’s Echo by Matt Coyle

Yesterday's Echo by Matt CoyleReviewed by Julie Moderson

Holy Cow! Matt Coyle sucks you in and spins you around and when you finally finish, you say, WOW! You will keep thinking about this
story for quite a while.

Rick Cahill has had a target on his back for years, and almost everyone believes he is guilty of killing his wife, the love of his life. Guilt, from a secret kept him from proving his innocence so he let everyone suspect that he was guilty. He had very few friends, Turk being the best one. Turk gave him a job at Muldoon’s, a popular supper club and bar and offered him part ownership. When Turk comes back from a trip and tells Matt he is selling Muldoon’s and all the money that Matt put into the business is gone, they fight and Turk fires him. Matt and Turk have been friends forever so Matt just keeps on working because he knows that something is wrong and he wants too help his friend. Read the rest of this entry »