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Scene of the Brine: Pickled and Preserved Mystery by Mary Ellen Hughes

Reviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Scene of the BrineA couple of years ago when I was given The Pickled Piper, the first book in this series to review, I wondered how an entire series could evolve around a pickling business. I have been pleasantly surprised. Scene of the Brine is the third book in the series, and things continue to look up for this series.

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The protagonist, Piper Lamb, who was likable from the beginning is continuing to be an interesting character who, for the most part thinks before acting. The town of Cloverdale, New York continues to develop into a believable community, and the townspeople who play reoccurring roles become better defined with each book. Isn’t that what readers want from a series? Read the rest of this entry »

Licensed to Dill (Pickled and Preserved Mystery) by Mary Ellen Hughes

Licensed to DillReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Piper Lamb returns in the second “Pickled and Preserved Mystery.” Having successfully launched Piper’s Picklings, her shop of all things pickled in The Pickled Piper, Piper’s life seems to be back on track. Her relationship with Will is going well, her business is thriving and she has settled into the comfortable rhythms of small town Cloverdale, New York. But things seldom remain the same for long and unfortunately for Piper, the changes that were to come caused some pretty big upsets in her life.

First, her former fiancé not only wants back into her life, he wants her life. After leaving her to wander the world he is not only back in the country, he has decided to move to Cloverdale and open a legal practice just down the street from her shop. Repeatedly she tells him there is no “them” as a couple but repeatedly he manages to wiggle into her day to day life, leaving Will to wonder where he fits in to all of this. Read the rest of this entry »