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Make Me by Lee Child

Reviewed by Allen Hott

Make MeJack Reacher is on the move. Again and as usual. Ever since he got out of the Army he just wanders. Amazing how he manages to live such an existence but not only does he live but always gets into a new scrape of some kind.

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In Make Me Reacher meets Rachel Chang, private investigator and former FBI agent, as he gets off a train in Mother’s Rest, Oklahoma. He is there because the name of the town intrigued him and she is there searching for her missing investigator partner. The partner has been out of touch for almost a week and she is concerned. Reacher is more concerned about the way certain people in the town watch his every move as he joins Chang in looking for her partner. There appears to be a group of eight or so who are constantly keeping tabs on him and her.

In the partner’s room at the hotel they find a strange note with a phone number and the term “200 deaths” written on it. The phone number connects them to an author/webmaster, who can’t explain any of it but had been talking to the missing man about some strange happenings in Mother’s Rest. The town is a very isolated spot about 40 or so miles from any other town. But it is a railroad stop and it turns out that people seem to come in on the train and then sort of blend into the town’s surroundings.

Reacher and Chang go west and meet up with the webmaster and when the three return they all begin having strange things that occur to them. It seems as though someone does not want them to return to Mother’s Rest nor do they want them to do any more investigating. No one seems to know anything about the missing investigator nor do they want to talk about the town in general.

The “200 deaths” note pulls the three of them more and more into wanting to know more! Child writes in a manner to keep the reader very involved in figuring what is going to happen next. And how he brings the “Master Web” in is very interesting. Another really good Reacher story!