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The Affair by Lee Child

theaffairReviewed by Allen Hott

Jack Reacher is now a vagabond civilian server to mankind in most of Lee Child’s books. However in The Affair he was still in the Army as a major in the Military Police working mostly as an undercover investigator of all types of crimes. At that time the crimes he was involved with some way or another involved military and especially Army personnel.

His methods and habits may have started there but they have continued throughout many of Child’s thrillers over the last several years. One thing about Reacher he is always on the move. Some other interesting things include the fact that he never has transportation of his own. It is either using his thumb on the highway or occasionally he does have enough money for bus transportation. Read the rest of this entry »

Echo Burning (Jack Reacher, No. 5) by Lee Child

Echo BurningReviewed by Allen Hott

An earlier Jack Reacher story that somehow I missed. However there is no doubt that it is of the same quality as today’s Reacher tales. Lee Child has built this former military policeman into a definite force to be reckoned with by all whom cross his path.

And one of the best things about Reacher is that his path is never ending as it meanders all over the United States. He does seem to stay pretty much below the Mason Dixon line but who knows where he may end up in the near future.

Echo is a small town in south Texas and as Reacher hitchhikes along (his normal mode of travel) he is picked up by a woman named Carmen who appears to be of Mexican descent. During their long drive she begins to pour out her sad story regarding her home life. Reacher as usual listens intently and tries to figure out if she is telling the truth or not. Read the rest of this entry »

The Enemy by Lee Child

The EnemyReviewed by Allen Hott

This is an earlier story about Jack Reacher while he was still a Military Policeman in the U.S. Army. Plenty of action, suspense and with no profanity or outright sex to deal with. There turns out to be some sex issues both with Reacher himself and also with some of the characters of the story. However there are no descriptive passages so a reader can read it much the same as he would read the daily newspaper.

There is typical Lee Child suspense and character thinking or musing as Reacher works to figure out what is really happening all around him. He as one of the top cops on any Army base is suddenly told on December 28th that he is being transferred that day from Panama to a base in North Carolina. No one can explain to him why or what is going on. Read the rest of this entry »

A Wanted Man by Lee Child

A Wanted ManReviewed by Allen Hott

First a killing in a bunker and, coincidentally, shortly thereafter Jack Reacher gets picked up as he tries to hitchhike to Virginia. Jack Reacher is one of Lee Child’s favorite characters. Reacher is a former Army veteran who picked up all sorts of tricks and methods of doing things while serving in Special Forces. Perhaps his greatest achievement is his ability to travel all over the country without any luggage. It seems that wherever he lands (for his next adventure) is where he picks up new clean clothes and other essentials like tooth brushes, etc. Never seems to work.

Reacher does manage to get involved in some interesting adventures and most of them not only involve espionage and other governmental activities but they also always involve him becoming a one man wrecking crew against that story’s bad guys. Read the rest of this entry »

Never Go Back by Lee Child (Audio CD)

Never Go BackReviewed by Caryn St. Clair

Lee Child has written eighteen books following Jack Reacher around the country as he rights injustices wherever he goes. Readers have grown accustomed to Reacher’s moral compass and his personality quirks and so, for fans of the series, a new Reacher book is truly like visiting an old friend. For the most part, Never Go Back meets the expectations, though the set up is a bit different. Usually, Reacher blows into town and finds a damsel in distress and spends the remainder of the book righting the wrong and then leaves to drift on the next stop. In Never Go Back, Reacher is on a mission that is a continuation for the previous book. He had spoken to the current commander of his former unit several times while taking care of business in South Dakota and by the end of A Wanted Man (2012), Reacher was headed to Virginia to meet Susan Turner, the voice on the other end of the phone.

As Never Go Back opens, Reacher has arrived at his former unit’s headquarters to visit Turner only to discover that she is being held on suspicion of accepting a bride and furthermore he is wanted for questioning in two cases dating back to his days in the service. So Reacher being Reacher, he stops, breathes in, breathes out and sets about to investigate the cases against not only himself but the bribery case against Turner as well. Read the rest of this entry »

Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher, No. 13) by Lee Child

Gone Tomorrow Reviewed by Allen Hott

Another Jack Reacher story that Child has put together. Jack Reacher is one of the coolest good guys around. A former Army Ranger plus quite a few more important jobs in the military, he since has become a mercenary I guess on a full time basis. He never seems to work but he always has money to travel around the country chasing down the bad guys and giving the law a lot of help.

In Gone Tomorrow he is just riding along on a subway train and presto! He finds trouble and enough of it to carry the reader along through a plausible story. Reacher has many attributes along with his military training. One of them seems to be a way with women and not necessarily a sexual way but in the manner in which they want to help him or at least let him think they need his attention.

Also Reacher is an extremely strong and agile man. His military training has helped him become one of the toughest men around when he gets involved in a fight. And his training has also made him an extremely good marksman. With his Ranger background he also is able to think ahead and react quickly to any type of situation that he is faced with. Read the rest of this entry »

Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Worth Dying ForReviewed by Allen Hott

Jack Reacher is still wandering around in the cold Midwest. Jack Reacher is once again caught up in the evil doings of a small town in the middle of winter. Jack Reacher, the ex-MP/CIA agent, can always find good people who are being treated inhumanely by bad people. And when he does…look out bad people!

Following up on the ending of 61 Hours Lee Child has Reacher beat up and sore but hitchhiking and stranded in a small town in Nebraska. His last ride was going in a direction Reacher didn’t want to head to so he stopped at this town’s motel. The town only consisted of the motel and some nondescript buildings that looked to be empty. But it was night and he needed a place to sleep plus a cup of coffee.

However while drinking his coffee he watches while a pretty well inebriated doctor refuses to answer a phone call requesting him to make a house call. As the caller claims to be bleeding profusely Reacher decides the doctor should make the call and he takes the half drunk medico on his way in answer of the call. Read the rest of this entry »

61 Hours by Lee Child

61 HoursReviewed by Allen Hott

Very interesting! This guy can write. 61 Hours is one of the latest (but not the latest yet) Jack Reacher novels that Lee Child has written. This one is a true classic. There may be one slight problem for the reader (which he will discover at the end) but it certainly is not a problem for Child. Whatever it takes to get the reader to go out and get the next book, right?

Jack Reacher is the tall, tough, former MP/CID agent with a heart of gold when it comes to helping good people. But if the people are bad they had better beware because Reacher is hell on wheels. Strangely enough in the Child books however there is very little profanity and little or no sex. Just plain hard-nosed investigating, chasing, fighting, and moving on.

Yes Reacher does move on and in 61 Hours he has moved into South Dakota. Strangely enough he moves into a small town of Bolton by way of hitching a ride on a half empty tour bus carrying senior citizens on their way to see Mount Rushmore. However a bus wreck forces all of them including Reacher into Bolton at least for the night. It turns out the weather becomes a real nightmare with snow, wind, and temperatures down to 28 degrees below zero. Read the rest of this entry »

The Hard Way by Lee Child

The Hard Way by Lee ChildReviewed by Allen Hott

A tale of mercenaries of all types. Some good, some bad, and some turned bad because of various circumstances. Lee Child has put together a really great story that carries the reader along through the mayhem that Jack Reacher encounters.

Jack Reacher is the hero in many of Child’s books. These books all tell of his escapades as a former military policeman/CID who has become a mercenary himself in one form or another. To read of his adventures the reader must steel himself for some bits and pieces of gore, as Reacher does not hold back anything when he chases down and obliterates the bad guys.

In The Hard Way Reacher gets involved quickly by just noticing some strange happenings along Sixth Avenue in NYC. He had gone back to the same café for the second straight night because he thought the coffee was great. He is then singled out because of that second trip. It turns out that what he had seen the first night is critical information to a well-healed individual who is currently in need of assistance in finding his missing wife.

The individual happens to be the leader of a group of mercenaries who have fought in various countries for the U.S. and other nations. All of these mercenaries including Edward Lane, the leader, have been trained primarily by the U.S. to become fighting machines. Their backgrounds include all types of spying, fighting with or without weapons, and killing when and as necessary. They now work for Lane in a group and whenever some government that doesn’t want to send troops into action for fear of causing a war calls them out. Read the rest of this entry »